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Privacy Policy

Around here, your privacy matters: 


We hate SPAM more than anyone:

  • We WILL NOT use Contact Data to send you information about our company or our products or services.

  • We do not have promotional partners and WILL NOT send you their spam.

  • We WILL NOT use your demographic data to alter the look of our site. (We don't know how)

  • We WILL NOT adjust our site to reflect your preferences. ( We don't know what you prefer)

  • We WILL NOT use information you provide for lead generation with another person - ever.


Secure Payment Processing:

We have arranged for all purchase transactions to be processed by Paypal on their secure systems so that we will NEVER see your confidential bank card information. Thus, we will never have an opportunity to improperly use or store such information - because we will not have it.

Invoices and secure payment for custom orders:

For custom orders we will send a Paypal Invoice so that you can pay at their site for the same reasons as stated above.

Email Policy:

We may collect email and other personal Contact Data at times. We will use this information only to contact you about your order, shipment or followup.

Pop Up Ads and other disrespectful annoyances:

In a word - NEVER.   Not here - EVER. They make us want to scream (we're looking at you Yahoo!)



Browse safely on our website:

There are two distinct forms of cookies: 

1. Site Issued

Since we never require you to login or keep track of your IP address, we do NOT issue cookies from this site.


2. Third party cookies issued by third party vendors or for statistics purposes.


Among the latter, we may utilize various services around the web, such as (but not limited to), Google and StatCounter, both of which issue cookies.




What the spammers don't want you to know:

How To Disable Cookies:

To disable cookies on your browser, the good people at All About Cookies have put together the following information: 



Other Alternatives: 

Many modern browsers offer "plugins", "add-ons", or "extensions" that will alert you to cookies, and let you choose which sites you wish to allow cookies from. While we don't recommend any browser or plugin over another, you can find a list of popular ones here, by browser: 


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