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Diagonal Prismatic

Reflective Tape


Special Anniversary



Starting low as $9.84


Reflective Tape for Railroad Crossing Gate Arms

​One of the brightest reflective tapes ever made. Engineered for  MSDD "Maximum Sight Detection Distance" through genuine optical prisms.

FREE USA Shipping

Description: R99 / FRA224 Railroad Conspicuity Reflective Tape:

  • Great on emergency vehicles, industrial equipment, bollards and much more.

  • Adheres easily to flat or mono-directional curved surfaces

  • Withstands high-pressure washing and resists edge lift

  • Certified FRA 224

  • Continues to reflect even after impact

  • Thin and flexible for easy application

  • Provides the longest sight detection distance

This is one of the best reflective tapes for mailbox and driveway posts. Perhaps the side of your utility trailer. Only you know where you want it.  Either way. It is definitely a great reflective tape for many applications.


  • Pick your size and length.

  • Let your creativity flow

  • Reflective tape with maximum visibility and two colors built in.

All orders from this website include FREE USA Shipping and low International rates. Enjoy!

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