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Iron On Reflective Tape

Application Instructions


Easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Iron On or Heat Press reflective tape works well with most fabric materials. However be sure to test the material's ability to tolerate the heated iron or press you plan to use. This is best done on a hidden portion of the material … just in case as the typical application takes place with your iron set to medium (approx range of (240 to 290 degrees F.).


ONE:  Iron the garment or material you will apply the reflective tape to.

TWO: Lay your tape liner side up where you want it.

THREE: Press lightly for 6-7 seconds as you go from one end to the other. Keep the iron moving to avoid over heating the materials. As you go back and forth, increase pressure to work the warm, softened adhesive into the pores of the fabric.



Then WAIT:

Allow the tape and material to cool to room temperature before removing the protective heat shield.


After Care: When necessary, wash in gentle cycle in water below 95-100 degrees F


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