Horse Trailer Safety Decals

BLACK Horse Decals reflect WHITE at night

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Trailer Safety Lettering

"Magic Horse" Decals

Our most popular horse trailer item

for over 20 years

You can place individual words over/under each other and the width will be approx 1/2 as wide as total width shown

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Horse Trailer Decals

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Reflective Horse Trailer Lettering

  • Genuine 3M "Scotchlite"  -  the good stuff

  • HAND PAINTED LOOK - Your surface only background

  • Do it Your Way - Flexible application

  • Custom Lettering Available - Your wording

  • Pre-Spaced and Pre-Aligned - perfect appearance

  • Colors: Reflective Red, White, Gold, Blue & Black

  • Easiest to apply - Jeff's "Tips Sheet" included

"Magic Horse" Reflective Decals

WOW !  Black by day, WHITE by night

Wait till you see these horse decals on your trailer, car, truck or window. They'll make you proud and help protect your precious trailer cargo. You're gonna love 'em so get some for your car and truck windows - Mailbox, too!

Same trailer as below - Tilted camera angle needed to reduce red lens glare.
Yes, 3M Scotchlite is too bright for most camera lenses.

Why is 3M Scotchlite still the only material we use to make our Black Reflective "Magic Horses ?

We all know the expression "you get what you pay for". And, it's true. 3M continues to lead in brightness, visibility distance, durability and customer satisfaction.

  • Highest quality black translucent overlay

  • Brightest white 3M Scotchlite reflective underlay

  • Whitest reflection. Easiest to see in distance.

  • Strongest high tech adhesive in the industry

  • Easiest to apply to your horse trailer

  • Best Durability in all weather conditions

    • 3M Tough Engineer grade specifications

  • Longest life

  • Best value

  • Safest precious cargo

  • Happiest customers

Want your own"special look?

Your Trailer - Your Way

Reflective Decals - Lettering - Combo DEAL

Customized Your Way


  1. Tell me what you need

  2. How much space we have

  3. I'll make it happen for you

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While use of reflective material enhances visibility, no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Performance will vary depending upon actual use, exposure conditions and maintenance. Buyers should personally test and own responsibility to see that their reflective material satisfies their individual requirements.