Reflective ParaCord

550 Rip Cord

with Reflective Tracers

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 ParaCord Info

  • 1/8" Diameter

  • 7 Woven Strands inside outer shield

  • Made in USA

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Reflective 550 Para Cord

"Rip Cord" isn't just for parachutes anymore ...


Think Survival - Ask just about any military soldier, sailor, airman or marine and he can tell you about the wonders of this little thing called 550 cord. Why do they call it 550 cord? It can withstand 550 pounds of pull before it breaks. It may be the only thing on earth that has almost as many uses as duct tape. When military and special forces deploy on mission, one of the standard items to bring along is 50 feet of 550 cord. Many carry it as a braided wrist band or lanyard that's always ready.

Para Cord Braiding

  • Paracord Braiding

  • Lanyards

  • Survival Bracelets

  • Zipper Pulls

  • Knot Making

  • Hat Bands

  • Belts

  • Rifle Slings

  • Monkey Fists

  • Key Chains

  • Dog Collars / Leashes

General Uses

  • Emergency / Survival

  • Shelter / Gear Tie Downs

  • Fire Starter Bow

  • Improvised Pace Counter

  • Drag Line

  • Safety Line

  • Tourniquet to Stop Bleeding

  • Boot / Shoe Laces

  • Clothes Line

  • Food Hanging

  • Improvised MOLLE Repairs

  • Binding

  • Trail Marking

  • Spear Making

  • Magazine Pulls

  • Trip Wires

  • Improvised Fishing Net

 Inner Strand Uses

  • Fishing Line

  • Traps / Snares

  • Sewing (Tent / Clothing Repair)

  • Sutures

  • Lashing

  • Dental Floss

  • Small Animal Snare Trap

  • Gill Net

  • Small Repair

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While use of reflective material enhances visibility, no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Performance will vary depending upon actual use, exposure conditions and maintenance. Buyers should personally test and own responsibility to see that their reflective material satisfies their individual requirements.