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Clothing and Gear

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Reflective Sew On Tape


Gray - Reflects WHITE

ANSI Rated Reflective Sew On Tape

  • Choose Matte Fabric or Glossy Vinyl

  • Use Sew-On tape to create high visibility your way

  • Great for clothing and outdoor gear

  • EZ to cut with scissors


Note Regarding Colors:

  • White appears Silver/Gray in normal light.

  • White reflects as extreme white at night

  • FLAME  Red  is Orange/Red  for greater visibility


Strips & Rolls

Reflective Sew On Tape

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Description: Reflective Sew On Tape for clothing and gear                                    

Modern sew on reflective tape is available in two main form factors: Glossy prismatic tape made of vinyl and matte finish fabric tape with encapsulated lens technology. Both forms can be purchased with ANSI ratings which assure maximum brightness in one or more ways of measuring. The greatest advantage of the glossy pvc (vinyl) tape is the ability to use fluorescent colors that help multiply day light in addition to night time reflection. On the other hand, the great advantage of the fabric form is its great flexibility. This allows it to be folded and bent along the lines of the garment or gear to which it is being sewn. Generally speaking, the glossy pvc prismatic sew on tape is most popular attached to safety vests used in work zones. The fabric form, on the other hand is most popular when ease of use or sewing around clothing edges or into fabric recesses.

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While use of reflective material enhances visibility, no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Performance will vary depending upon actual use, exposure conditions and maintenance. Buyers should personally test and own responsibility to see that their reflective material satisfies their individual requirements.