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3M Engineer Grade

Reflective Tape and Sheets

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3M Engineer Grade Reflective Tape


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3M Engineer Grade Reflective Tape

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Reflective Engineer Grade for decals, stickers and neighborhood signs:

This highest quality, weather proof reflective tape sticks to most clean, smooth surfaces. Use as is or EZ trim with scissors for custom shapes. Choose sizes. All are 8" (20cm) long. E-Mail if you need other sizes.


3M Reflective Engineer Grade Flexible Tape and Sheets:

This is a 7 mil enclosed lens, removable, retroreflective films that provides good reflective angles of view from varying distances. Well suited for our decals, cad cut lettering as well as markings and graphics for vehicle surfaces and non regulated signs. Easily compatible with printing via piezo inkjet, electrostatic and screen well as thermal mass transfer printing. These tapes and sheets are durable and flexible, offering good viewing angles and 3M's quality adhesives.

This pressure sensitive adhesive sticks easily and strongly to your surface. Also, this material applies best to flat surfaces with and without rivets.


Recommended application substrates include glass, metal, paint and rigid plastic. This film has a wide application and removal temperature range and removes easily within 18 months without heat or accessories.

Quick Specs:

Thickness: 7 mil

Adhesive Type: Pressure sensitive

Liner: Polyethylene coated paper

Removal: Removable with heat

Life span: Up to 7 years, more depending on sun exposure angle.

Surface Types: Flat, riveted, gentle curves

Applications: Decals, lettering, commercial and fleet graphics

Colors: White, Gold, Red, Yellow, Blue

Sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch

​​Engineer Grade Reflective Tape and Sheeting

This reflective tape meets federal standards for ASTM D4956 Type 1. Enclosed film or lens using beads of glass or prisms are the two main types of base layer construction.

Used on non-critical signs, engineer grade reflective tape and sheeting is less reflective than the other types.

Engineer grade reflective tape and sheeting is the best choice for most reflective stickers and decals, wether cut or printed.


The average life span is 5-7 year in outdoor uses.

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