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3M Diamond Grade

Reflective Tape

3M Prismatic Scotchlite


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3M's Super Bright Reflective Tape

We all know the expression "you get what you pay for". And, it's generally true. While most reflective materials offer increased visibility, 3M Diamond Grade provides a "total package" of benefits for you ... 

  • A Layer of actual Prisms  -  Brighter

  • DOT highway rating  -  Again, brighter

  • Wide Angle Reflection  -  Easier to see

  • Acrylic 3M adhesive  -  Better grip

  • Weather Proof  -  Durability

  • Stronger Construction  -  Can even be riveted

  • 10+ year rating  -  Longer life cycle

Description: Diamond Grade Reflective Tape and Sheeting (DG3):

Diamond Grade reflective tape is a full cube prismatic reflective sheeting. Developed by 3M it returns an amazing 62% of the available it receives. DG3 reflective sheeting meets the specifications of ASTM Type XI standard.


DG3 reflective tape and sheeting was engineered to enhance the modern headlights in late-model automobiles, as well as to help older drivers with brightness.


Diamond Grade Prismatic Reflective Tape

Every year, over a million  people die globally as a result of traffic-related accidents and 20-50 million more are injured, according to the World Health Organization. 500 billion dollars are spent on these crashes. Most of them happen at night, because only 5% of what can be seen during the day can be seen at night.


However, 3M Prismatic Diamond Grade Reflective Tape can help change that. It is used on construction signs and other road signs. It helps improve nighttime visibility by using full-cube prismatic technology which helps reflect more light to drivers. In addition to this, it has excellent reflectivity, visible at any angle and in any weather. It is also visible to truck drivers, who usually are unable to see reflective signs at the high angle they sit at because most of the light is generally directed to car drivers. 


Therefore, 3M Prismatic Diamond Grade Reflective Tape is made so that half of the light is reflected toward car drivers and half toward truck drivers making it so that all drivers can see signs clearly. It reflects back nearly 60 percent of the light from headlights which is almost twice the amount of light reflected by lower grade reflective tape.


 It is flexible, yet sturdy and resistant to scrapes and scuffs. Because of its ability to reflect so much light, it is recommended to be used in accident- prone areas such as unexpected or sharp curves, sudden inclines or declines, or places with high truck traffic. This reflective tape is available in White, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green as well Fluorescent/Reflective colors  Yellow, Orange and Yellow-Green.


Independent research and original writing

by Hannah Parker


With much thanks from Grampa

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