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Iron On Reflective Tape


Clothing and Gear

Your Visibility - Your Creativity - Your Way

Reflectorize your garments and fabric gear the easy way

Get the best. This highly reflective iron on reflective tape is exceptional in brightness, flexibility and strength. Its heat sensitive adhesive is released with your iron or heat press to form a strong bond.


Transform your plain garment or item into one that might save a life.


Easy to apply  -  DIY - You'll be glad you did.

Your completed masterpiece will visibly “POP” in darkness or low light situations when reflecting a light source.


We've made it easy to choose the kit that makes the most sense.


Good family project, too.

ANSi rated Reflective Iron On Tape

Super Bright
                Easy as 1-2-3   and 4

  • 1. Lay surface flat

  • 2. Place reflector on surface & press with iron

  • 3. Wait 10 seconds

  • 4. Peel back shield


If I can do it you know it's easy.


Think of all the clothing and gear you already own that can light the night for you and the ones you love.

  Personal Rolls

  Flat Strips

  Bulk Rolls

FREE USA Shipping


Meet Barney, green eyes and all. His plain fabric vest was useless as far as visibility goes. Now, he can't hide.

What about your own stuff?

If you already own it ...

You can easily make it more visible.

Here's my daughter's backpack  >>>

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