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NBA in the dark

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Will someone kindly inform NBA CEO Adam Silver that, for an American, support for freedom of speech should be an instant reflex, not a delayed response to situations or the opinions of others.

Does Mr. Silver understand why Chinese tanks deliberately crushed people to death in Tienanmen Square? It was to crush freedom of speech.

Does Mr. Silver not understand the depth to which freedom of speech under girds all other human freedoms? One of those is his right to sell tee shirts in China.

Does Mr. Silver really believe the money is what's important? Didn't he say exactly that?

We heard Mr. Silver's first answer loud and clear.

No, Mr Silver, deliberately crushing people to death under a 20 ton tank is not a cultural norm we can respect. But it may become a very high price for your next tee shirt.



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