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Description: 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape:

3M is the acknowledged pioneer in the science behind retro reflection and has been advancing reflective tape technology in new ways for some 80 years. Signs, letters and numbers made with 3M Scotchlite are generally considered the brightest and most durable. Frequently used on motorcycles,, helmets and car doors, improved safety is usually a given. 3M engineers continue to make advancements in reflective tape materials. Their innovations have played a longstanding role in on-the-job safety for millions around the world.

Brightest Reflective Tape . . .

          . . . isn't always the most visible:

Prismatic reflective tape returns light to its source in a tight, parallel pattern. Glass bead reflective tape, on the other hand, disperses the returned light at a wider angle (less parallel). This effect is helpful in close distance viewing and makes the bead reflective tape more easily viewed from a greater number of viewing angles. As this wider angle doesn't matter as distance increases, one quickly realizes that glass bead reflective tape technology has it's greatest advantage as the viewer moves closer.


Likewise, prismatic reflective tape works best further away. In other words, prismatic AND encapsulated glass bead technologies, working together, create the best of both worlds. So much for the visual factors. In the physical area, the surface to be used has some bearing on the best choices of reflective tape. Rigid reflective tape lays best on a flat surface and is often unsuitable when the surface is comprised of one or more compound curves such as a motorcycle helmet. In such cases, the glass bead or encapsulated bead technology works best due to its flexibility.


If you have questions about your application just use the quick email link on our contact page and we'll work with you on maximizing your situation.


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